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Three watches every modern man should own

A full watch case is a very impressive show and tell piece. But when it comes down to bare bones there's only 3 watches every modern man needs. 1. Dress Watch A dress watch should be minimal and classy; it should aim to pair seamlessly with a formal outfit such as a tux or suit.…

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George the Monkey Unboxing a Couple of JJ Monaghan Watches

Incase you're not familiar with George the monkey, let us introduce him. Going by the username @heresyourmonkeycontent on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok; he has amassed over 10 million followers collectively. George often films unboxings ranging from sponsored content to gifts followers buy for him, after seeing this I had to find out what he thought of…

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JJ Monaghan Partnering Up With YouTuber Joshua Miles

Joshua Miles is a Youtube commentary channel who specialises in true crime cases. As I am looking at branching into Youtube features and I enjoy Joshua’s content I decided to contact him. Theres no way to describe the reception I received from Joshua other than incredibly friendly and he’s such a lovely guy. We discussed the…

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Getting to know the CEO

Hi my name’s Jason Monaghan, I’m the founder and CEO of JJ Monaghan Watches. Below are a few questions to get to know me and the direction I’m looking to push JJ Monaghan in the future. 1. What do you feel is the biggest strength of your company right now? Being one myself, I know…

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