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Ransom FA - Brit Awards

Exceptional needs no introduction

We’re driven by the people who live life outside the comfort zone, the courageous and those who know what they want and go out and take it.

We started JJ Monaghan in 2017 with one goal in mind, to become Scotlands biggest watch brand. Nearly 4 years later and it’s been a such an interesting journey full of successes and failures.

Our first collection was widely sought-after with a highly limited run of 50 watches, and soon we were sending watches all over the world. During the first year, we have met and talked to some amazing people including the likes of Dominic Monaghan, Scotland international players, Ransom FA, Martin Compston and many more.

Through the generosity of Martin Compston, we were given the opportunity to send him a couple of watches, some for personal use and a couple that he wore on screen for The Nest which aired on the BBC and the BBC Hogmanay Special.

We have an incredible network of photographers and videographers as far flung as South Africa, Switzerland, India, Scotland, and Australia to consistently deliver ground-breaking content from the most exciting talent.

Customer Reviews

“Elegant and of high quality! I love it, and can’t wait to gift it to my dear.
I’ve ordered this watch in covid quarantine time, and I was a bit worried about it not arriving in time and safely. It took about 30 days to arrive to my house, but it was really well packaged, and the box has an elegant finish. I am happy with my purchase, and I love how affordable it is seeing the quality of the watch. I first heard of JJ Monaghan from Joshua Miles on YouTube, and I thought I’d check it out, and I am so glad I did. Will definitely buy a watch for myself in the future. Thank you!”


“Ordered 4 watches for the groomsmen at our wedding, they were perfect. Customer service was second to none. Would definitely buy again and recommend.”


“I purchased this watch as a gift for my boyfriend for our one-year anniversary. We have both been to Scotland and long to go back together someday, so I was excited to find a Scottish watch brand with such sleek and sophisticated designs for men. He absolutely loved the watch! The logo and red second hand are such beautiful details that really make the watch striking and distinctive compared to other popular minimalist watches. I think the Viper series is a perfect way to look a little more polished without being ostentatious. Couldn’t be happier!”


JJ Monaghan© 2021. All Rights Reserved.
JJ Monaghan© 2021. All Rights Reserved.

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