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Three watches every modern man should own

A full watch case is a very impressive show and tell piece. But when it comes down to bare bones there’s only 3 watches every modern man needs.

1. Dress Watch

A dress watch should be minimal and classy; it should aim to pair seamlessly with a formal outfit such as a tux or suit. Dress watches typically come with black leather straps, however it is increasingly common to match your strap colour with your personality or to complement your outfit colour.

Depending on your budget, your watch case material can range from platinum, gold to stainless steel. Luxury watch makers these days are opting to use stainless steel for their cases, and why not? It looks stylish and can appear higher end.

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2. Casual Watch

Casual watches are designed to be comfortable and stylish as they’re worn for general day-to-day style.

Casual watches typically have a minimal, clean dial design with a reliable movement powering the watch. While casual watches are not built to compete with tourbillons with several mechanical functions, they are beautifully designed to complement any outfit.

They can be paired with a range of straps, however, you’ll typically find them with either a leather or stainless steel mesh strap.

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3. Summer Watch

Although it feels like it is, it’s important to remember that lockdown isn’t permanent. It will eventually lift and summer city and beach breaks will be back. A summer watch is an essential for any man; they are typically minimal and lightweight. Because of the temperature change you don’t want a heavy duty watch that will make you sweat then further irritate your wrist, instead opt for a light nylon strap watch that you will barely notice even wearing for a prolonged period.

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JJ Monaghan© 2022. All Rights Reserved.
JJ Monaghan© 2022. All Rights Reserved.

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