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FREE UK Delivery 2 - 4 Days | International Delivery 7 - 10 Days
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Introducing the Braemar Collection

JJ Monaghan
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Monogram Strap Personalisation

Our Bestsellers

Scottish Excellence

JJ Monaghan was born in the bonnie banks of the Scottish Highlands. Take a wee piece of Scotland with you wherever you go.


Mineral tempered glass

Mineral glass is pure, structurally harder and more difficult to scratch than acrylic. It ranks 5 out of 10 on the official MOHS Scale Of Hardness.


Japanese Quartz Movement

Run by the vibration of a quartz crystal (32,786 times per second) under current to ensure you arrive on time

Viper Specs


Viper Collection

he Viper Rose Gold watch features a polished rose gold case, slightly domed crystal with a textured crown. It features a black stainless steel ionised mesh strap with ‘JJ Monaghan’ engraved on the buckle.


Ionised Mash Steel Strap

The band is made of high-grade ionised stainless steel.

Designed for Those Who Evade Limits

We’re driven by the people who live life outside the comfort zone, the courageous and those who know what they want and go out and take it.

We work with a lot of proper braw people and have been featured in some amazing places.

Right on Track

“When I started JJ Monaghan in 2017, I had only one goal and it’s what continues to motivate me to this very day; to become Scotland’s biggest watch brand.

The progress in the past 4 years has been exceptional and due to your relentless support I’ve been able to grow this into a proud Scottish brand.”

– Jason Monaghan

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